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Finishing Touch

Naturally bigstockphoto_smiles_531477-300x201Whit’s Finishing Touch is Another First in the Industry

A 100% natural, safe and effective solution for the much needed permanent cosmetic and surgical aftercare market. Most of these “make-up” locations are in highly sensitive areas, even more so than typical areas where one would get a tattoo. Finishing Touch is specifically designed to treat sensitive areas and facilitate healing without possible side effects like stinging or redness. It is extremely important to quickly heal permanent make-up areas to retain beauty and color quality. Whether it is your eyes, your lips, or another highly sensitive application, we are confident our Finishing Touch will soothe, heal and promote your new look. Now in 2 containers, regular flip-top and a twist-up lip tube!

Our Ingredients:

Olive Oil – Moisture barrier that allows skin to breath while keeping irritants at bay
Beeswax – Emollient, softens & soothes skin, helps skin retain moisture
Aloe Vera – Moisturizes, soothes skin and relieves itching
Jojoba – Easily absorbed, helps skin retain moisture
Vitamin E – Antioxidant, protects and repairs tissue
Calendula – Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing action
Comfrey – Stimulates cell repair, pain reducer, anti-inflammatory
Evening Primrose – Rejuvenating and regenerating, anti-inflammatory
Purple Violet – Healing agent, softens & soothes skin[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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