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The Naturally Whit’s Story

Thank you for visiting! At Naturally Whit’s you will find no hidden chemical, artificial colorants or questionable ingredients. Our products work with your skin’s natural ability to heal without clogging pores and prolonging the healing time.

Our founder, Whit, received her first tattoo in 1992 and was told to use a petroleum based product to treat it. Her thoughts were “why should I clog this beautiful tattoo with a petroleum based product?” She discovered there were no tattoo-specific aftercare alternatives on the market that provided affordable, natural healing.

Whit consulted with tattoo experts, health care givers, holistic healers, gardeners, and doctors to begin her extensive research into healing properties of different ingredients. After many months and many trials, Whit developed Tattoo Lube—the first 100% natural, non-petroleum, good-for-you tattoo aftercare product.

Six years went by with tremendous success and a need was discovered for a new product: Aftercare for permanent cosmetics specifically for highly sensitive skin and areas such as lips and eyebrows.  Whit’s Finishing Touch was the answer.

In 2008, Whit developed a new, more general, product geared toward the soothing and healing of all irritated, uncomfortable skin, including rashes, eczema, chafing, cracked areas, diaper rash as well as a comforting personal lubricant: Bottom Line.

Our Promise

For more than 20 years we have provided great, natural healing products. Rest assured, although we have added new management, we are committed to using nothing  but the finest natural ingredients. Our products are developed with ingredients like Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Echinacea, and Tea Tree Oil—all products known to have healing and restorative properties. These products have been used faithfully for hundreds of years.

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